Welcome – Giiretech Academy


Giiretech Academy is a Technology concept developed by Abdirisak Muse, an Information Technology Expert, to assist the youth and IT-thirsty individuals learn the IT concepts the easy way. Giiretech targets the less informed population in areas such as Somalia to help upgrade the standards of technology consumption. Think of Giiretech as the guided conception of technological ideas aimed at expanding the learners in a great way to perceive their environment more passionately while embracing technology.

The school deploys less difficult video tutorials to bring classroom-like lessons meant to sharpen skills in IT concepts.

Abdirisak Muse

Abdirisak Muse is a technocrat with a certified technocrat, a graduate of Coastline Community college. Besides this, he has a certificate from CSUD Emphasis in Information Systems. Abdirisak Muse also has certification in MCSA, CCNA and PC Technology. With a wealth of experience, Abdirisak Muse is a passionate technologist with a gist in expanding knowledge in PC Technology, DNS Windows, Network administration and Server Technology.

School Mission

Giiretech Academy strives to promote large-scale transformation in both urban and rural areas by providing quality training on technological subjects. This is to advance technology among the natives for community development and ultimately growth. We aim to bring up strong youthful leaders who are more exposed to handle modern technological problems.


Building urban and modern community structure that thrives on digital information to spur growth and implement a sustainable knowledge-based approach to education. Following the United Nations and other international Conventions, Giiretech Academy aims to contribute immensely to the growth of technology in the eastern horn of Africa.

Our Philosophy

Giiretech Academy stands for and is a promoter of the growth of young minds and ambitious youth from the native Somalia community. Having been for many years lagged in development and education, it time to define something new. We intend to inculcate good morals and work ethics that form a vital fabric for a prosperous society. Information is key to numerous achievements and development plans and that is why we prioritize Technology training.

Core Values

We stand for discipline and hard work. With determination nothing is impossible. Focusing on the ultimate goal is our driving force, to produce high-quality graduates of Information Technology in defined areas. Education without ethics is backwardness. That is why we focus on entrenching good values among our students.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team with years of experience in Technology, headed by Abdirisak Muse who also doubles as the School Manager. We believe in teamwork that is why we have virtual support that is fully armed with the virtual materials to assist our students.

Why We chose a Virtual Platform

The administration did thorough research on the target group and came up with a workable plan for the low-income earning sections of the society. We don’t want to leave some out. So, to accommodate all, we adopted the virtual class system to help those who cannot pay boarding fees access quality training. Even more important are those who may be in other parts of the planet and wish to take the courses we offer. Distance does not matter anymore.


Those who show interest can just visit the school’s website and signup at https://giiretech.org/. All the information you will need at sign up is provided on this site including the fee structure, the mode of payment and course plans. For more information on our course plans, please visit our Homepage.